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2018 Cruising Izmir Peninsular

Here are some pictures and videos of out 2018 cruise.

Below is a list of our activities 

2018-09-17 Arrived Levent Marina

2018-09-10 Berth shift to Urla's harbor. Docked PORT side too. W have been waiting YEARS to get a berth inside his harbor. 

2018-09-09 Underway for Urla. Very very windy day. Anchor opposite the beach. Did not go ashore. 

2018-09-08 Underway single handed to Yeni Liman anchorage. Zehra arrives about 1500

2018-09-02 Shifted to starboard side mooring Mordoğan's ferry boat dock at ~ 1902.

2018-09-01 Underway for Karaburun but since sea was so accommodating continued on to Mordoğan. Anchored south of Yeni Liman.

2018-08-28 Underway for Ilica's Yildiz marina / Barinak. Med Moored. Windy days coming. Thunder and lightning tonight but no rain.

2018-08-27 We moved back to Dalyan Koyu in the morning. At about 2200 friends departed. 

2018-08-26 Arrived Dalyankoy Koyu. Friends are expected this evening for an overnight visit.

2018-08-25 Arrived Altin Yunus Setur Marina. Family visited for a few hours.

2018-08-23 arrived Dalyan Koyu off Sera Beach near to Paparazzi beach club

2018-08-22 Arrived off the NE cove of Ilica. Very rolly (open) anchorage

2018-08-20 Eventually arrived at Paşa Koyu. 

2018-08-17 Gerence Sahil by Cesme Huge afternoon swell. 

2018-08-16 Family departed

2018-08-15 Karaburun 

2018-08-13 Departed Mordoğan for Eski Foça.  Renewed transit log

2018-08-11 Departed Mordoğan for Eski Foça but turned back. At anchor just south of the entrance to the Yeni Liman marina.

2018-08-07 @ 1930 Family arrive

2018-08-05 @ 1850 Berth shift to ferry boat dock, starboard side too.

2018-08-05 med moored Mordoğan 

2018-08-02 Friend departed 1430

2018-08-01 anchored Gecence Koyu 

2018-07-30 anchored Içmeler

2018-07-25 anchored Çeşmealtı

2018-07-23 Underway from Levent Marina. Anchored Yassiciadasi