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We have decided to sell our beloved Diesel Duck Trawler LeeZe.  The blog posts on this site are some of our adventures during our time cruising and meant to shed some light on the cruising life.  Enjoy our posts and please contact us for more information on the places we have been or information on our Diesel Duck Trawler for sale LeeZe.  The complete collection of our travel blogs can be found here:

On 7 August, we are underway to Pythagorio where this time we moored along the wall.
Diesel Duck Trawler LeeZe in Pythagorio
Diesel Duck Trawler LeeZe in Pythagorio
Pythagorio’s daily rate for motor yachts is 36 € /day water and electricity included. We came in late so we paid for an extra day. Pythagorio is an active town with lots of people walking after the sun goes down. Took a day trip to Vathy where we had been last year to shop at Lee’s favorite butcher on the island and Zehra’s favorite fruit and veggie guy.
Our 90 day visa clock runs out on 12 August, so Zehra wants to check out the day before just in case there are problems. So, on 11 August, we trek over to the Passport Police who is so nice and full of useful info that we nearly fall over. He said that Greece allows us to stay as much as 24 hours after your passport is stamped and if one asks nicely to the Port Police, they can extend that one extra day. The we go to the Port Police and tell him we want to depart the next day and he says “then, come back tomorrow.”
So, we are officially out of the country, but LeeZe is not. So, on 12 August, we go to the Port Police who have seem to have lost out arrival paperwork, so we sit they while they recreate it. Then out come the stamps, and with numerous chunks, our  arrival paperwork is stamped and so it our transit log. Then after taking photos of the now completed transit log (just in case) and paying a €5 exit fee (this is new), we walk next store to the Customs Office and she takes the transit log, looks at it for all of 5 seconds, and says goodbye!!
So, we depart for an anchorage at the tip of Samos called Poseidonio. It is a 5 nm run and when we turn into the bay, there we se what we believe is MV Castalio, a 1968 wood yacht that was built in Scotland, and owned by a very good Turkish friend who last we heard was very very sick.
It is Castalio, and our friend with part of his family is on board. We try to anchor near to them, but there was not enough room if the weather went bad, so we went and anchored just a little further away. Now, at this time, the anchor windlass was acting “funny” but it functioned and I did not give it another thought. Our friend came by and invited us over later when they return from their shore side trip. We catch up then, and learn that he is about 60% better after falling some 5-6 meters off of a scaffold onto the concrete while doing some repairs to Castalio. He suffered significant neck injuries that took weeks to diagnose. As he is not a spring chicken, the healing process is quite slow and he is still on the mend. But we are so happy that is better that we are both overjoyed.
He invited us ashore for dinner, but as we were officially out of Greece, we did not want to poke at the immigration Gods by going ashore. So we decline.  It is now 13 August and our PLAN was depart the anchorage and go to Teos, north of Kusadasi. Up at 0800 and notice that Castalio is gone. We kind of expected that as the owner is an early riser. We decided to go to Kusadasi, instead of Teos, and see some of our friends.

Diesel Duck Trawler LeeZe in Kusadasi
We are off to the Kusadasi Marina some 15-16 nm later, we are at marina.
We met some of our old friends from 2015,  told them about the adventures of our summer.  Cahit from the boat Castelio invited us out one night. We went to our favorite restaurant “Ketchup” and had a great meal. Marina staff tried to convince us to stay there for the winter, but we already made our minds to go to Izmir.

That is all for now folks!
If you have any questions, please ask.
Lee and Zehra
MV LeeZe
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