The door has given to me a challenge

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2018-02-01  1930

Been having nice weather so today, tackled one of the PH doors. Been years so I thought I would take it off, clean up, and re-install. Maybe, 30 minutes + the time to remove the ladder that goes up on the port side from the main deck to the boat deck. The ladder, which I anticipated I would have the most trouble with, had the least. With it out of the way, I can get great access to areas that need paint.

But enough about the ladder. The sliding door was dismantled (not hard) and slides aft to take off. Would not slide off. Maybe I forgot something but nope, did not.

Inspection with a flashlight and mirror was inconclusive. Finally, using a rubber mallet, “gently” got the ladder off.

The cause? A plastic / rubber (?) door seal that just would not give, break, nor stretch. But it was broken in many places. And I do not think I did it. But I could have.

Now, the Admiral was always complaining that in the cold winter winds, this door let in too much air. I would like to apologize to her. I always thought she was just being picky.

Turns out there are suppose to be three gaskets sealing this door.

The was one, obviously broken.

The other two? No where to be found!! No remnants. No parts. No pieces. Not, Nada NOTHING!

So, in 2016, I had bought some spare door seals “just in case.” The admiral thought I was foolish. Glad I had them because have not a clue where to get the seal in Izmir, today. Well, today, I used 4 of the 10 meters I had.

The I looked at the trolley wheels, thought they could look better but for now, good enough, applied some silicone to them, and went to put the door back on its rail. (2018-02-03: I found the source where the SY bought them. Bought 6, not cheap at all, but hope to send the old ones back to the manufacture so can be rebuild. This is a constant in boating. If one can track down to source, and rebuild the broken item, usually, one is left with an item that is near 100% in function for 50% of the “as new cost.” Tracking down these “small” but $$$$ parts requires patience the like of which maybe only Job has seen.)

Two hours LATER, I am mesmerized on this door because in my mind, I did not change anything.

But in fact, while away from the door, one trolley had rotated 180 degrees, therefore the door’s alignment with the rail was no longer right. When I realized that, I tried again and now, the door went in ½ way.

What’s the problem now I said to myself (all NSFW words omitted, but there were a slew of them!)?

The new seals were the problem. They were brand new! Standing proudly their chests puffed out, ready for their job!

But first one has to get the door past the new seals. So, with some silicon spray, a chopstick (boy those chopsticks are sure handy for all types of maintenance, not just eating food!) more cursing, and a whole bucket of luck, the door is now closed. Plan not to open it for a couple of days so the seals can get a set.

Started the job at 1120. With one 10+ minute coffee break, the door was closed at 1710. Some clean up was required (Thank you honey for not being here because…………!!!) but have plans to do the other door tomorrow, maybe, if there is no rain, and I feel like it, and (fill in the blank with your best excuse).


Levent Marina, Izmir Turkey
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